Value Proposition

179_Fotolia_1029243_XDepositphotos_4672160_m-2015Many attempts have been made in recent years to outsource various aspects of intellectual property legal work offshore. These efforts have been met with mixed results. Distance and time zone inconveniences, confidentiality issues, rising costs in developing countries, and compliance with U.S. export control laws have complicated offshore outsourcing. These outsourcing efforts were followed with attempts to continue intellectual property legal work in the U.S., but outside of high cost centers like the Silicon Valley. Some intellectual property legal work was moved to low cost areas like the Midwest. However, many companies and firms continue to see significant value in having local counsel, and much intellectual property legal work continues to be done by counsel in high cost centers.

At KwanIP, it is understood that proximity and cost are both important factors. Located in Berkeley, KwanIP remains immersed in the innovation talent, entrepreneurial spirit, and culture of merit that defines Silicon Valley but benefits from low overhead.

KwanIP invests in software automation and benefits from experienced docketing and paralegal staff based in U.S. based low cost centers and leverages FoundationIP docketing software and annuities payment services from CPi. Data is stored using 64-bit AES encryption on storage maintained redundantly in different physical locations and secured using SSL 3.3 during transmission. We do not outsource specification drafting to technical writers or patent application preparation to agents in foreign countries.

KwanIP can provide the benefits of skilled local counsel, secured infrastructure, experienced docketing and paralegal staff and services, and cost savings associated with low cost centers without the complications associated with offshore outsourcing.

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